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So sicccccccck. In the middle of August. My head is a block of mucus. And my stomach is whirling in the same goo. Uggggh, I shouldn't even be looking at my computer.


I'm coming back.
Saturday, March 31st.

Who's out there still?

I am at my internship for thirty more minutes of parent-teacher night but we've only had a few students leading their parents into the library. So it's been pretty chill. And because comps were Monday I am back on my multi-book-reading horse. YES!

The Stolen One
By Suzanne Crowley
I'd forgotten how much I love Renaissance historical fiction! And the main character that looks like me? Awesome! I actually didn't like the protagonist too much at the start but she certainly grew on me. And I just love when historical fiction picks up lost threads of history -- in this case Mary, lost daughter of Katherine Parr -- and creates a believable story.

The Eternal Smile: Three Stories
By Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim
This is by the same guy(s) that did American Born Chinese which made a lot more sense. I liked it much more. I understood how Goku's story was woven into the realistic narrative but in this one, I just didn't get the point of the Urgent Question story.

Nappy Hair
by Carolivia Herron, illustrated by Joe Cepeda
Such a cute story!!!

I'm reading three books at once right now and finally have Mockingjay ready to start as soon as I have my reading done for the book club. I just wish the rest of my life was a bit better. /le sigh

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Comps are done! So all I have left for this semester:
- Well, pass comps ... I'll find out in a few weeks
- 3 internships adding up to 330 hours (finished 107)
- 3 certification exams
- 1 educational pedagogy core class
- GA work
- taxes
- ALA stuff
- apply to jobs

Yeah, I still don't feel like I have much room to breathe. Oh well, plodding onwards!

Hopefully I will have time for ADIML post soon with my new camera!

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Only finished one book since I last posted. All energy is now devoted to studying for comps, working at the EPA again, and staying on top of my EDU class. T-minus 13 days.

So I finished (image is copyright):

Catching Fire

I requested Mockingjay from the regional library here in Maryland as soon as I was done because book two definitely caught my attention. I sorta have made up my mind on which "team" I belong to but maybe book three will sway that. I love the quality of writing in this series. It is so much better than the start of Harry Potter -- so it is worlds better than Gaglight Twilight.

I hope [spoiler] is safe!

Now to bed for a 6 am wake up for the 75 minute commute.

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I am literally sick to my stomach from the stress of this week, mostly from yesterday. It will go down as the worst Valentine's Day of my life and for not any reason related to the holiday. But my stomach now has been churning for almost 24 hours and I really would appreciate the opportunity to crawl into my bed and sleep and read and cry for a week. So fuck off, life.

Since last post, I finished:

Fresh Off the Boat

The Hunger Games

If I Stay

Anna and the French Kiss
Images belong to their respective copyright owners.

Despite John Green's glowing review of the last novel, I found it frustrating. One point of the story seemed so ... charted or planned that it whipped me right out of the book. Not to say don't read it, but high school books all about falling in love are usually a bit too dramatic for dry old me. Plus, "YAY!" for another book whose jacket art doesn't match its characters.

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One of my personal goals for this year is to ramp up my YA fiction reading. Enough of promising myself I would read -- now I am!
So here is the list so far, tragically short as I only began getting serious about this toward the end of January.

(Volumes 1-6)

Images are copyright their respective owners.

Right now I am simultaneously reading Should I Stay, Hunger Games, Chibi Vampire Vol. 1, and Fresh Off the Boat. I'm loving all this reading. Wish I had more than my 90 minutes on the train to read!

I have a massive reading list but if you have suggestions, please add! Remember, I am doing YA (and children's chapter books) at the moment for work.

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Crying my eyeballs out right now. Of course Pixar gets it right and has the most amazing workforce.

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This is now the second night this week I've been up to four am. I am too old for this shit. I want school to be over so bad. Why won't my registrar release graduation information already!


I must talk about Quidditch soon!

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